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A bit about me...

Adam Walton is an Australian designer and Creative Director based in Melbourne, currently focusing on building website brands and improving user experience.

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Hi, my name is Adam Walton: digital and UX designer, coder, and creative director based in Melbourne, Australia. Welcome to my online showcase – a portfolio which focuses on the commercial work I’ve produced for a range of international clients. My ultimate goal here is to highlight my passion for creating beautiful and innovative solutions with emerging digital technologies, and though I am passionate and opinionated about my profession, I try not to take it, or myself, too seriously.

I’ve spent 14 years in the design business, the last year of which has been spent in the employ of Salsa Digital, a digital agency specialising in government solutions for enterprise brands. I also met some incredible people and forged lifelong relationships. My skills require constant upgrading of knowledge, meeting demanding deadlines and finding solutions to criticism. Chances are, you’ll find me either in front of a computer screen, playing music, or lost within nature on my mountain bike.

Adam Walton Values

My Values

To love what I do

This doesn't just include my work, but also my life, my family, my team and my customers.

To be accountable

Without accountability, execution suffers. Taking responsibility for results leads to a high level of trust, and also helps improve my own creativity and innovation.

To show integrity and be transparent

I don't believe in gossip or workplace politics. I believe I should be open, honest, and highlight my passions.


I’ve been fortunate to have worked for some great brands…

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