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Adam Walton is a multi-disciplinary user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designer. Based in Melbourne Australia, Adam has been producing creative solutions in both print and web for over 14 years.

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Adam is one of those designers that you wish you had on your team, he has a very creative mind; one that always manages to get what you want done, both in print or online, normally created from a scrap of a brief.
Daniel Webb, MyHobbyStore

Working across 18 publications and associated websites, Adam was at ease handling large work loads, the high standard of his work never faultered even during immense pressure.
Heather Morrison, MyHobbyStore

Adam has a great creative eye that needs little direction. His ability to take an idea and truly bring it to life shines through in his work.
Matt Delaforce, MyHobbyStore

Adam is highly skilled at creating websites and online creative and is equally able to create media for print.
Daniel Webb, MyHobbyStore

I would highly recommend Adam as a designer with a keen eye for detail and refreshing creativity. He was a valued member of our marketing team and proved to be a very competent designer both online and offline.
Heather Morrison, MyHobbyStore